Q:How can I cancel an order?
A:To cancelling an order made in the system, please contact our Customer Support department at within 12 hours after you placed the order, You will be asked to provide the order's number together with the reasons of cancellation. Please aware within 12 hours Or you order would be shipped out.Contact us

Q:Can delivery address be different from the billing address?
A:The delivery can be made to another location, different from the one stated in the billing address. After You placed the order ,Please Send us the scan of frount image of your Credit Card And ID Card .

Q: Do drop shipping, doesnot it?
A: Yes, drop shipping is welcome here, but make sure that you should give us the right shipping information.

Q: Do you do wholesales business?
A: Yes, welcome wholesales business, and also we can manufacture your needed products. Surely there are mini quantity, so please contact us for directly communication here for timely information.

Q: How long does it take in shipping order door to door?
A: One week usually. Here we arrange order package and shipping it within 12hours in our working days - Monday to Friday-4:30 am to 6 pm (GMT +08:00) >. And in others time, we have our service online someday for business busy.

Q: What does the order status mean?
A: Well,there are 5 status-levels in our stores mall order centre.And here we define them as below:

  • Pending: Only shown when payment of order not yet arrived at our company's account here;
  • Processing: Shown when order just arriving & order being arranged here & order being checking in quality and packing to be shipped ( you will get an tracking number when you get an tracking number ;
  • Delivered: Only shown when order here being shipped here;
  • Update: When order changed like tracking number and so on,will tell you in the message;
  • Cancelled: when order cancelling;

Q: Is you site secure?
A: Yes, of course, all orders are processed thru paypals 100 percent secured "https servers, all other info is safe and we never share other info with any other parties. Also smoothly via hackersafe. etc.

Q. How long time does it take for me to get my order once I place it?
A. Orders are processed daily. Your order will be processing with our warehouse or suppliers and you can expect your order to be delivered within 7-9 business days. Sometimes there can be slight delays due huge demands, holidays or? but your order will always be delivered, within one week.

Q . We were charged on our credit card but status shows not shipped yet ?
A. We are sometimes a few days behind updating the tracking info into our system, especially during the holidays, during these times you may get your goods before we can update that you have in fact been shipped.

Q. Why are you items so cheap compared to other sites, are you guys legit ?
A. We and our buyers buy overstocks & overuns from the same factories that make for famous companys and we have been doing this for many years. We also work on very tight profit margins to provide our clients good value. Most import,we have our own factory, your request designed shoes are able to manufacture here regarding quantity, and price here are more reasonble than others based at better quality than others else. So welcome to have an sample order.

Q. We ordered 8 days ago we have not got our tracking yet ?
A. Yes, some e-mails systems block our e-mails as spam, look in junk mail file or unblock our e-mail! Please click contact us .

Q. I ordered 5 days ago why have I not heard anything about tracking number?
A. Sometimes, some styles are out of stock for a few days or we are waiting for tracking number from our shipping dept, please do not worry about it, we will contact you if there is a big issue. Reply will continue with you within 24hours, if going on so.

Q: We got our tracking number two days ago but our order is not showing up in usps or ems tracking system?
A: Sometimes there is a 2-5 day delay if shipping is backed up due to huge demand before goods are showing up in the system.Or tracking systems maybe delayed due to certain factors in usps or ems tracking system.But promise all order right condition here.

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